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          4. 全國服務熱線:



            Commercial / Catering / industrial / smoke purification management


            董事長致辭 您的位置:首頁>>走進清美>>董事長致辭


            Zhengzhou Qingmei environmengtal protection technology co.,L td






            Chairman's speech

               Zhengzhou Qingmei environmental protection Co. the company's products cover a wide range of services. At this stage it is introducing new management concept, the full realization of customer resource sharing, play brand agglomeration effect, strengthen the management power network, to the spirit of "people-oriented" concept, and strive to create value for every customer, make it become our loyal customers, and we share our achievements.

               In the next five years, we will gradually improve our core competitiveness and build a comprehensive platform of passenger resources, resources, financial resources and information sharing, and further enhance the level of intensive management.

               To achieve this goal, all the staff on behalf of the beauty, I express my sincere gratitude to have care and support of all customers from all walks of life, beauty, and is expected to continue to be as we all to attention and help.